How to obtain a random sub-datatable from another data table

13 Mar


In this article, I’ll show how to get a random subset of data from a DataTable. This is useful when you already have queries that are filtered correctly but returns all the rows.


I came across this situation when I wanted to display a random tag cloud. I already had the query to get the keywords ordered by number of clicks and I wanted to created a tag cloud. Tags that are the most popular should have more chance to get picked and should be displayed larger than less popular ones.


In this code snippet, there is everything you need.
See the full source code here at


This method is good because it doesn’t require much work to get it work fast. It is a good concept when you are working with small tables, let says less than 100 records.


If you have more than 100 records, out of memory exception may occur since we are coping and duplicating rows. I would consider using a stored procedure instead.

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