More than 100,000 articles !

13 Apr

In one month, we already got more than 100,000, and we continue to crawl! We plan on hitting 250,000 total articles next month.

Due to the large amount of data we are gathering, we are planning on updating our SQL stored procedure to improve performance. We may be migrating to SQL Server 2008 Entreprise, as we are currently running on SQL Server 2005 Express Edition… We are at 400 Mb of data, getting more and more close to the 2 Gb limit.

Stay tune for more info and browse daily fresh articles about web development.


4 Responses to “More than 100,000 articles !”

  1. STOP Copy Pasting May 5, 2010 at 11:58 pm #




    • developerit May 7, 2010 at 2:38 am #

      Hi thanks for the comment…

      I belive you misunderstood what Developer IT is about…

      We are not trying to copy or steal anything. We are offering another way of searching into numerous good web sites about software developement and IT world. We always clearly state where the articles are from.

      We always check to see if we can share the content we get from feeds. If we are not respecting copyrights, we will remove those articles.

      The Internet is full of content and we think that offering a search engine that covers only few web sites that may be related to each other is a good thing.

      So stay tune for more on Developer IT.

  2. Tim Post June 17, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

    And the hundreds of thousands of articles from Stack Exchange public database dumps had nothing to do with this phenomenon?

    If your site showed more text than advertisements, I might be tempted to congratulate you on a successful mash up of the content. But it doesn’t, hence I won’t.

    • developerit June 17, 2010 at 6:57 pm #


      Thanks for your input. Please note that Developer IT is still a beta version.

      Developer It stared as a mashup for programmers and IT blogs and resources. We know we have a lot a stuff to do left. This website is still a proof of concept to know 3 things
      1- Are we able to generate traffic from google to a mashup site
      2- How much load can our servers take
      3- Can we make money to pay our server (no profit)

      And the answer are
      1- yes
      2- a celeron + dual core servers cannot take the load, so we are going on a xeon in the next weeks 🙂
      3- we are short of money by 100$ per month for the xeon, so that’s why there is so much ads. We have tried a lot of publishers network and we think we have found a good one, so ads from google will be taken off shortly. There should be only 5-6 ads left per page, not more.

      Yes we have a lot of entries from Stack exchange and this is a problem. We will delete a lot of them since they are more questions than actual text. Entries with less than 200 chars will be deleted. We don’t take credit for any articles (execpt those in wordpress) and we always state our sources. I often found it frustrating searching on Google about programming news so I wanted to build a mashup from great blogs in order to just have to look at one place.

      Finally, we are looking for more blogs in order to have more content to mash up. But copyrights are a complex to understand. Are we using article in a commercial way? I don’t think so. Is Google usign all the web in a commercial way ? We have found a lot of great blogs we wanted to include in Dev It but their TOS would not let us to do so.

      We are looking for great Developers and IT blogs. If you know some that we could included, post it here. Everyone with a good blog good take advantage of our 20,000 pageviews per day. Do not hesistate to contact us furthermore as we like to have input from our users. That way, we will built a successfull mash up.

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